Psychotherapy with a Social Justice Orientation


Couples/Unions Therapy

I work with couples and poly unions who seek to foster a deeper understanding of each other as unique individuals; increase trust and intimacy; improve communication, heal from a breach of trust/affair; or resolve conflicts. Each couple or union is truly unique and I tailor my work to not only the unit but also to the people within it. I use tenets of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Internal Family Systems (IFS) in my work. These therapeutic modalities help couples/unions establish and nurture strong and healthy bonds with one another. 

In my initial sessions with partners, we get to know each other and establish a foundation of trust, respect and safety. Both the couple/union and the individuals then separately identify what is not working/ what is creating conflict/ what they would like to see change within the relationship. I identify the communication and relationship patterns that have developed between couple/union. We then focus a bulk of our work on developing a healthier pattern; and reviewing/affirming these resulting changes towards the goals mutually identified by the couple/union. The aim of therapy is for couples/unions to walk away feeling understood, seen/heard, cherished, fulfilled and more connected with one another. 

I currently work with partners experiencing and seeking support with the following:

  • Improving communication patterns 
  • Improving emotional or physical/sexual intimacy & desire
  • Conflicts about money/ finance
  • Improving mutual respect & team work
  • Jealousy, insecurity or codependency
  • Navigating breach of trust; healing after an affair; or rebuilding trust & intimacy
  • Divorce/ separation
  • Parenting conflicts & co-parenting/ blended families
  • "Non-Traditonal" e.g. open relationships or creating a unique relationship design
  • LGBT+ or Queer couples/unions' experiences
  • Individuals or couples/unions identifying as asexual or aromantic
  • Individuals or couples/unions identifying as sex-positive
  • Pre-marital or pre-union/cohabitation counseling
  • Multicultural or multiethnic couples/unions experiences 
  • Navigating power differentials & gender roles
  • Contemplating & preparing for parenting
  • Navigating long-term-relationship fatigue & boredom