Psychotherapy with a Social Justice Orientation



Sanctum Counseling & Wellness was founded to create an empowering and supportive safe/brave space that puts individuals in the driving seat of their therapy experience. I believe that when equipped with the right supports and circumstances, each one of us inevitably gravitates towards overcoming barriers, becoming the most authentic version of ourselves, and achieving our highest potentials. Therapy is a collaborative experience between client and counselor based on a relationship of trust and respect. It helps in identifying and removing or addressing personal and social barriers to self-determination and authentic living. 



My core goal is to provide an equitable, inclusive and accessible counseling experience. My clinical approach engages clients in an active role, and their personal goals guide our work. I strive to create and sustain a healing space that is nonjudgmental, and allows for free expression of individual experiences/ identities. My role, as your therapist, is to provide unconditional support and unwavering understanding. I aim to support my clients holistically, celebrate their unique differences, and encourage their contemplation and growth towards authenticity and holistic congruence. 


Sanctum: Your Space

A sanctum refers to a space that is private, protected, and sacred. My philosophy is that the therapy room and counseling relationship should feel like they are your sanctuary to come to in order to heal, learn, grow, feel understood, feel supported, and thrive. I will hold and fully protect the space of our work to ensure that you get what you need from therapy in an environment of mindfulness and loving kindness. Therapy is a critical form of self-care, and an essential investment in oneself. At Sanctum, I aim to create a healing, empowering, and warm sanctuary for you to do so. 

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