Psychotherapy with a Social Justice Orientation

Individual Therapy


We are all complicated, unique, and intricate human beings. We experience unique identity intersections, struggles, barriers, dreams and aspirations as individuals. I tailor my work to understand, incorporate and celebrate this uniqueness holistically. 

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Couples/Unions Therapy


I work with partners seeking to improve communication, reduce conflict, or deepen their intimacy. I use a collaborative model that infuses Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Internal Family Systems (IFS) in promoting mutual healing and connecting.

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Trauma & Chronic Stress


Past trauma from childhood or adulthood experiences can manifest as physical or emotional symptoms. I work with survivors using a holistic trauma-informed empowerment model that focuses on stabilization and skill development prior to addressing of the trauma. 

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Identity-Based Marginalization


In today's times it is critical to heal wounds, build bridges, and uplift one another. I offer counseling services tailored to individuals and communities experiencing the trauma of marginalization, as well as to those who want to learn to be effective allies and engage in promoting equity/inclusion.

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Body Image & Eating Disorders


We are constantly told we are not good enough and that our bodies need "improving" for us to be truly happy or "healthy". I work with clients to challenge social beauty standards and practice radical self love via the tenets of Health at Every Size (HAES)® and Intuitive Eating.

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Disability & Chronic Pain/Illness


Disability and chronic illness/pain onset, diagnosis or progression can be an isolating and frightening experience. I work with individuals on acceptance, processing grief, behavioral changes, coping strategies, changing needs, and recreating or reaffirming life purpose.

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