Psychotherapy with a Social Justice Orientation


Individual Therapy

I work with individuals using a collaborative, warm, open and respectful approach that puts them in the driving seat of their therapy experience. As a client, you determine the direction of our work, the pace we take, and the outcomes you would like to see. Therapy works by cultivating an understanding of our needs, barriers, and resources. In doing so, we take a first important step towards coping with the stressors, pain and challenges of everyday living. We also move closer towards meeting those identified needs and living more authentically with holistic well-being.

In my work, I center what makes you distinctly you (including your identity intersections) and tailor my working style to fit this uniqueness. I also respectfully acknowledge and include the impacts (if any) of marginalization, oppression, and trauma on your life. My work is based on a social justice and empowerment paradigm: It prioritizes healing and well-being through a brave/safe acknowledgement of social and personal barriers and an augmentation of individual strengths and abilities.

I currently work with individuals experiencing and seeking support with the following: