Psychotherapy with a Social Justice Orientation

Marginalization/Oppression Therapy


My work focuses on providing tailored and effective services to individuals marginalized due to their sexual orientation, gender identity, racial/ethnic identity, immigration status, socioeconomic status, body size, religious identity, (dis)ability or other identity intersections. 

Learn more here about my mission to create a healing and empowering space that centers self-care in these trying times.

I work with clients experiencing the mental health effects of the various forms of historic and current "isms" (e.g. racism or sexism) resulting in oppression or discrimination. In my work with clients sharing marginalized intersections of identities, I use a model of empowerment, upliftment, community building and holistic self-care. I understand that mental health care has traditionally been inaccessible or ineffective for many of us. I tailor my approach in therapy to fit the identity intersections and needs of my clients. 

I currently work with individuals who:

  • Experience any form of oppression, exclusion or persecution because of their backgrounds or identity intersections
  • Identity as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous or People of Color)
  • Are immigrants (documented or undocumented) and refugees/displaced individuals
  • Experience marginalization due to being women by a patriarchal society
  • Experience discrimination due to a visible/invisible disability or illness 
  • Experience shaming and discrimination due to body size
  • Experience economic marginalization and struggle to make ends meet
  • Experience intergenerational trauma due to the oppression/marginalization of their ancestors
  • Experience hate/exclusion due to their religious or spiritual beliefs
  • Experience greater forms of oppression due to having/living with multiple marginalized identities
  • Experience physical or emotional manifestations (symptoms) as a result of their underlying experiences of trauma
  • And more...

My message to you as a potential client: If you are an individual that is currently struggling to make sense of or stay afloat in the socio-cultural environment in the country today, I encourage you to contact me for a free consultation if you feel I can be someone you can lean on. I will work to understand your unique experiences, your unique traumas, as well as the unique ways you continue to survive and thrive. I will work with you to identify what you need to forge onwards and care for yourself and those you love. I will also work with you to tend to the wounds you already bear, and gather stamina and perseverance to spread this healing within your communities. I will stand by you unconditionally and fully and work you to identify (if you desire) ways in which to give back to others who are struggling to stay afloat as well. 

You are Powerful: Among us today, the wounds are many, as are the wounded. It is difficult to heal while the wounding continues with each day. And yet, heal we must. You must remember: You are not weak. You are not broken. You have a right to be mad. Your trauma likely precedes you if you are from a historically oppressed group. You are not defined by the "symptoms" that manifest as a result of the trauma you are experiencing/experienced. These symptoms exist as true witnesses to your experience(s). It is, without any doubt, hard to heal while you are still being hurt each day. You have it in you, however, to persevere, to love, to laugh, to live, and to thrive despite it/them all. You are here now and that is a testimony to your strength, courage and power. As the saying by James Baldwin goes: "Your crown has already been bought and paid for. All you have to do is wear it." Wear it with pride for all those who came before us and persevered through hate and oppression paved way for us to be here. Wear it and hold your head high. 

Never doubt yourself: You can, you have, and you will. 

Privilege/Allyship Therapy


Today's socio-political climate demands vigilance, exploration, awareness, and intentional action from us all. We have to come together to build bridges, heal wounds, and uplift one another. 

In my work addressing privilege/allyship, I use an approach of loving kindness: encouraging my clients to look inwards, address their assumptions/biases with humility, do the work needed to learn about others/their difficulties, and step up to make a difference while being the change they want to see in the world. I also offer a "Pay it Forward" initiative that allows clients to donate to individuals from marginalized backgrounds to access my services at a reduced fee rate. Please contact me for more details about this. 

The exploration and understanding of privilege is a difficult, long and often winded experience. I work with clients using an outcome oriented approach where goals are identified at the start of our work, clients then engage in various immersive community experiences as well as engage in different forms of giving. Clients mindfully explore the historical and current nature/effects of the privileged intersections of identity they hold. They also learn real and applicable ways to transcend traditional barriers to unity and community among all. In learning to be better and more effective allies to those with marginalized identities, most of clients report becoming better versions of themselves that take pride in their authentic living. 

My message to you as a potential client: Although it might seem strange doing work towards acknowledging/understanding privilege or learning to be an ally with a therapist that (also) holds marginalized identity intersections - this is actually a helpful discomfort or sense of comfort for many. I hold my space without any problem, and am well equipped to hold space for you with empathy, encouragement and understanding. Remember: this is work that takes bravery, perseverance through discomfort/pain and a humble ability to put oneself second. It is also an effort that will be intentionally scaffolded and guided in our work together. I am always happy to answer any questions you have during our initial consultation.   

What would therapy look like? Although the process and experience of therapy will be tailored (and therefore unique) to each client, there are some important common elements many clients share. Our work together will begin with you filling out an in-depth questionnaire, which I will assess and use to create a tailored program of therapy that will be driven by you. This will consist of sessions of self-exploration, dealing with intense feelings, learning about yourself/others, engaging in active and humble giving/doing, learning to be an advocate for others - and potentially teaching others to do the same.

This is difficult but rewarding work: Any attempt at looking inwards, growing and becoming better versions of ourselves is difficult and demanding. It is, however, the most difficult of efforts that leads to the most beneficial results. Many of us benefit from a vast array of unearned privileges which carry benefits (think male privilege for instance and not having to worry about leaving the house without makeup on). The primary antidote to privilege is a humble acknowledgement of it. Through the process of Privilege/Allyship therapy, you will learn skills and techniques that will augment the structured program of holistic learning and growth. I will be at your side to support this growth. Some topics you will learn about are: 

  • Humility in Giving (The Non-Savior Giver)
  • Work Without Applause
  • Historical Privileges and Oppressions
  • Looking Inwards and Accepting Responsibilities
  • Learning by Listening/ Learning by Loving
  • Showing Up (Time after Time)
  • Growing Pains
  • Building a Community of Allies
  • A Lifetime of Learning and Growth
  • And more...

I am excited to hear from you as you take this important first step towards promoting healing and unity in our community and society.