Psychotherapy with a Social Justice Orientation

Statement of Accessibility & Inclusion

The core value driving Sanctum Counseling & Wellness is the provision of counseling 

that is accessible, equitable and inclusive. 

  • My practice is non-discriminatory and will treat all individuals and groups equitably without regard to class & financial ability, employment status, race, creed, color, national origin, religious background or affiliation, gender, gender expression, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, sexual identity, pregnancy, age, height, body size, immigration status, physical or psychiatric ability, veteran or military status,marital or partnership status, and all other identity intersections. 

  • I practice a humble acknowledgement of my privileged identity intersections in my work: privileges that are unearned and bestowed upon me on the basis of merely being such and such (for example, my cisgender male privilege). I continue to challenge myself to learn about and grow from my understanding of these privileges and strive to counter their effects with my work and overall being. 

  • My office and practice are a weight-neutral zone. In this space, my clients are free from body checking, body comparison, weight assumptions, food policing, size bias, diet talk, and narrow beauty standards. Within the space and in our work together, I adopt principles of Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating, and center living compassionately in the bodies we have. 

  • My office location is intentionally accessible to individuals of all physical abilities and body types in order to remove any physical barriers to accessing care. I have elevator access to my floor, as well as wide hallways accessing my suite. I also have ADA accessible, gender-neutral bathrooms and comfortable seating for all body types. My office location is also along public transit lines to make accessibility easier. 

  • I offer tailored forms of therapy that carefully consider my client's unique physical, emotional, and socio-cultural needs. I incorporate Western and non-Western modalities of care in my work to intentionally create a healing and supportive therapeutic experience for clients who have found traditional therapy to be incompatible with their needs or backgrounds.

  • I offer sessions in the early mornings, as well as weekends and evenings as needed to further make counseling accessible to all my clients. I also offer teletherapy as an option with the intention of reducing barriers of mobility and accessibility. When contacting me to schedule your initial consultation, please feel free to share if you have any special requests or needs for accommodation(s) you would like me to know about and include. 

  • I acknowledge that mental health therapy is inaccessible to many of us due to personal, cultural, financial and other barriers to care. I strive to support potential and current clients in addressing and minimizing/ removing these barriers. I offer reduced rate sessions to clients with financial need, and also offer a "Pay it Forward" program where individuals can contribute towards a fund to help others who have traditionally experienced barriers or oppression to afford therapy. Learn more about session rates and payment options here

I humbly and respectfully acknowledge that Sanctum Counseling & Wellness is based on ancestral land belonging to the Chinook Nation. Learn about and support the Chinook Nation here.