Psychotherapy with a Social Justice Orientation

What is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy is a regular counseling session, but provided online through a live video connection. Teletherapy is a recent innovation in the field of psychotherapy that allows clients to access the support they need without having to commute physically to the therapist's office. 

Is Teletherapy for me?

This is entirely your choice to make! Some clients prefer a convenient online connection that removes the need for physically commuting to the therapist's office. Others prefer a traditional face-to-face approach. Both modalities have their strengths and weaknesses, and it comes down to a matter of personal preference. 

I provide teletherapy as an option with an intention to reduce barriers my clients may face such as mobility or accessibility to care. 

How does it work?

I use a secure and confidential online platform for teletherapy sessions. If you have ever used Skype on your computer or FaceTime on your iPhone, you have used the same type of technology my teletherapy platform uses. You will need access to the following:

  1. A computer (desktop or laptop)
  2. An integrated or external microphone
  3. An integrated or external camera
  4. An internet connection that is at least 10 Mbps

To set up an free initial consultation, you would call or email me using the contact information here. We would then set up an appointment for our consultation. I will then e-mail you a link to log into at the time of our appointment. You simply click the link to start/ join our session and do not need to download any software. 

At the end of our initial consultation, I will e-mail you documentation to fill and return to me electronically before our first appointment. Included in this documentation will also be a link to make payments online for our subsequent sessions.